Shine Serum

Shine Serum - Magictails

Magictails® Shine Serum is highly concentrated product can be easily applied to give a shiny healthy coat or tail with long lasting professional results.
Shine serum is a grooming aid formulated to be used on domestic and show animals to maintain the coat, mane and tail.

Sizes available:
120ml & 1Litre

  • Gives lasting Shines
  • Detangles (knot free)
  • Reduces static
  • Deep conditions
  • Long lasting results enabling pets to be combed through easily until the next wash.
  • Repels dirt, dust & grime
  • Non oily
  • Concentrated formula – only a small amount is necessary to achieve the desired result on most coats or tails.
  • Cosmetic grade ingredients


  1. Use a very small amount, apply to a damp tail, work through tail until hair shaft softens, then leave to dry.
  2. Comb through tail when dry.


  1. Use a very small amount, apply through a damp coat and then use blower to dry.
  • Great on long hair breed dogs, helps protect against dirt and grime, & also helps repel water.
  • Making brushing easier & helps remove bindies, grass seeds, manure from coats, manes & tails.
  • Helps with rubbing from rugs & bridles on horses, also with chaffing on the tail & mane.
  • Helps protect the hair from snapping & repels

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