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Professional Results with a Touch of Magic

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Quality Cosmetic Pet Care

Professional Results with a Touch of Magic

The Magictails® range is designed to make grooming easy,  you will save time and end up with that professional look, whether it is for a show or just part of your grooming routine.

Each product has been scientifically formulated by two of Australia’s leading cosmetic chemists and tested by professionals and groomers in the horse and pet industry.


Scientifically Formulated


Easy Application


Amazing Results


Long Lasting




Australian Made and Owned


Featured Products

Colour and Shade - Magictails

Colour and Shade

Liquid make-up with sunscreen
Colours – White, Black, Brown, Chestnut and Grey

Hoof Magic - Magictails


Water-based formulation that has been designed to be used on dry hair or clean damp hair.

Shine Serum - Magictails

Shine Serum

Shine serum is a grooming aid formulated to be used on domestic and show animals to maintain the coat, mane and tail.

White Magic Shampoo - Magictails

White Magic Shampoo

Has been formulated to give white/whites and deep blacks and is suitable for domestic and show animals of all types.

Spray Shine - Magictails

Spray Shine

Can be applied to a finished style or to aid in the combing/brushing of the coat or hair.

Paw Balm - Magictails

Paw Balm

Intense Moisturiser designed to deeply nourish, delivers ultimate replenishment to dry, tired paws.

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Steph Cooper - Testimonials

Steph Cooper

I love your products!  The strong hold spray for my plaits, purple shampoo for white whites and the serum for beautiful knot free tails.

Puppoose Pet Boutique

Puppoose Pet Boutique

Great before and after from Naomi Puppoose Pet Boutique.

Naomi used Magictails Magic Wash and Shine Spray on this Bichon.