Magic Wash Shampoo

Magic Wash Shampoo - Magictails

Magictails® Magic Wash has been formulated for domestic and show animals to help clean and maintain the coat.
It contains macadamia oil for extra conditioning.
Fragrance: Pina Colada

Sizes available:
250ml, 1Litre & 5Litres

Fragrances also available in only 5Litre containers:
Baby Fresh, Candy Cane, Coconut, Chocolate, Moroccan, Strawberry and Vanilla

  • Mild
  • Soap—free
  • pH balanced
  • Paraben—free
  • Cosmetic grade ingredients
  • Concentrated Product
  • Can be diluted with water (ratio 1 part product to 5 parts water)
  1. Wet coat thoroughly apply Magic Wash Shampoo in small amounts.
  2. Work up to a good lather.
  3. Rinse well with clean water, and dry thoroughly.
  • Love the smell and so do our clients.
  • Gives a long lasting clean.
  • Economical as it’s a concentrate
  • I wash dogs all day, this cleans well and doesn’t irritate my skin like other products I’ve used.

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