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Frequently Asked Questions
Where Can I Buy Magictails?
Magictails® Product Range can be purchased from one of our Stockists – find your local Stockist.

You can also purchase online 24/7 through our Distributor – DDSL Products

Can I use the product on my Bunny?
Magictails® products can be used on all pets and animals.

We have Magictails® clients who show Cats, Dogs  Horses, Bunny’s, Cows and Chickens.

What do you mean the Shampoo and Conditioner is a Concentrate?
You can determine how strong you need the product to be, depending on the amount of dirt or stain.

We recommend the following:
White Magic: 1 part product 9 part water = 1L makes 10L
Magic Wash: 1 part product 5 part water = 1L makes 5L
Creme Conditioner: 1 part product 5 part water = 1L makes 5L

Is the White Magic only for white/grey Horses?
Great question.

This is our most popular shampoo as it can be used to highlight and make any colour pop.

It brings out the blue black and takes away the brown tinge in sun bleached black horses.

It also makes a Chestnut, Bay and Palomino look richer and white gleam.

Is the product made in Australia?
YES, Magictails® products are designed and manufactured in Australia in a family run and owned Business.